Bruce Springsteen
Bruce Springsteen
Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen's official NLpush channel. From "Sundown" and "Hello Sunshine" from his latest album WESTERN STARS, you'll find all of his greatest hits here. See the new film #WesternStars at special Fathom Events fan screenings on October 19 \u0026 23.

  1. Mohith S

    Mohith S16 uur geleden


  2. Jo Lan

    Jo Lan16 uur geleden

    Leute der Frühling ist da 😊

  3. Jo Lan

    Jo Lan16 uur geleden

    Schöne Erinnerung aus palen

  4. Judith P

    Judith P22 uur geleden

    😭😭😭😭I miss you daddy

  5. Angela Acordi

    Angela AcordiDag geleden

    Amo vc

  6. Kirstin1977

    Kirstin1977Dag geleden

    Goodnight, Uncle Michael. See you again one day. 💔

  7. Patricia Owen

    Patricia OwenDag geleden

    I'm 73 birthday on 13 April I'm young 73 don't no were the time goes this is a song 4 got her name.lifes 2 short .What r we fighting 4 .in the end we r left with memory good ones is what we you too this song. My dad died 8 years ago I will c him again.

  8. Marisa Olivier

    Marisa OlivierDag geleden

    Grandissimo cantante lo adoro

  9. Natalie jallat

    Natalie jallatDag geleden

    I love ❤️ Bruce

  10. eliana schutt

    eliana schuttDag geleden

    Que hermosa versión de esta canción! Cuánta pasión Bruce. Adoro toda tu carrera

  11. Elena Constantin

    Elena ConstantinDag geleden

    Good bless our musicians! They keep us good and sensitive persons.

  12. Feli Ramo Beltran

    Feli Ramo BeltranDag geleden

    Bea careful!!!!! NO violencia

  13. Feli Ramo Beltran

    Feli Ramo BeltranDag geleden

    Je suis en danger....menacée. ....

  14. Feli Ramo Beltran

    Feli Ramo BeltranDag geleden


  15. Paz Figueroa Ortiz

    Paz Figueroa OrtizDag geleden

    Please start something new. It’s confusing and you’ve never change. 😟

  16. Gabriela Garcia

    Gabriela GarciaDag geleden

    Artista completo...

  17. Charlotte Shumate

    Charlotte ShumateDag geleden

    Beautiful song! 💖👍🥰

  18. Robb Stark

    Robb Stark2 dagen geleden

    It’s Silvio Dante!

  19. Monica Carmona

    Monica Carmona2 dagen geleden

    Bruce mi amor!!! Tan talentoso, Uno de los hombres más guapos de todos los tiempos 😘😘♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  20. Isis Ardizzoni

    Isis Ardizzoni2 dagen geleden

    Fantastic!! I Love this Song...I Love Bruce...Forever ❤❤

  21. Ana Paula Pepper

    Ana Paula Pepper2 dagen geleden

    Every day I dream for a better world 🌈 Peace & Love 🦋🤍 Ly

  22. Ana Paula Pepper

    Ana Paula Pepper2 dagen geleden


  23. Travis Lamaak

    Travis Lamaak2 dagen geleden

    Me too

  24. Dilwyn Jones

    Dilwyn Jones2 dagen geleden

    Not being a particularly spiritual person nor easily influenced - probably more an intelligently sceptical individual rather than cinical. I am often visited during my dreams by my dad and grandma when experiencing problems with some kind of embedded message that I ponder on for days before realising a solution. They often bring something to the contact from ‘beyond’ to demonstrate they are watching over me. This song brings this to mind. Thanks

  25. Loren Smith

    Loren Smith2 dagen geleden

    Viva la republica

  26. Ashley Jeffers

    Ashley Jeffers2 dagen geleden

    The Boss is great beautiful music 🎶

  27. David Parsons

    David Parsons2 dagen geleden

    This song came out just as my mum died, I've heard it loads on the radio since, and yeah, I've been seeing her in my dreams as she was a few years before the cancer took hold. I think I will forever associate this song with this time

  28. Carolyn Nicholls

    Carolyn Nicholls2 dagen geleden

    Lovely I think of people I lost and loved very much I love the way you sing and meaning thankyou

  29. Adrian Ramos Ramos

    Adrian Ramos Ramos2 dagen geleden

    wow que voz ! me encanta siempre y ahora escucharlo en español ...dònde estaba yo, antes de escuchar esta joya en esa hermosa voz ?!

  30. Michelle Virtue

    Michelle Virtue2 dagen geleden

    Bruce. The boss

  31. Jeliar 1212

    Jeliar 12123 dagen geleden

    Yea see you in my dreams. Remember able song. Nice voices. Thank you so much. Love you all and God blessed.

  32. Annie Ryan

    Annie Ryan3 dagen geleden

    Hey Bruce, I hope you can get out there soon on the road. We need you. Years ago, my uncle, a priest, said, that death was a change, not the end. Since then, I have missed my beloved aunt, who saved my whole life, and has never returned. But my beloved, Jon, has often haunted me. This isn't the only world, I don't care what anyone says, love never dies.

  33. Annie Ryan

    Annie Ryan3 dagen geleden

    Bruce, I hope so much you can get out there soon. All you sing is what is is good, true, and life giving . Come back with a bang, brother. We need you.

  34. Paz 15

    Paz 153 dagen geleden

    Desde España 2021 a los hermanos argentinos todo nuestro apoyo y cariño. Aquí también estamos mal pero siempre acogeremos a un argentino de bien 💖🙌🏻🙌🏻

  35. Attila Domoszlay

    Attila Domoszlay3 dagen geleden

    I am a 55 years old man from eastern Europe from Hungary but the "BOSS"is always stay as the real boss for me

  36. Maria Rosa San Juan Gomez

    Maria Rosa San Juan Gomez3 dagen geleden

    Lssdiezxvdevla nochecsibes ciertobes und marzo lebhan he fl digo d

  37. Loren Smith

    Loren Smith3 dagen geleden

    Desde galicia vamos adelante pueblo argentino

  38. Gillan Lorna

    Gillan Lorna3 dagen geleden

    Amazing song so many people can relate to.

  39. Gary Couture

    Gary Couture3 dagen geleden

    Makes me think of a loved one if we can keep the dreaming

  40. Hans-Hermann Meints

    Hans-Hermann Meints3 dagen geleden

    Bin hin und weg,ein wunderbare Song. Danke Bruce

  41. Judy Bridger

    Judy Bridger3 dagen geleden

    My spine is tingling fav

  42. Margaret Bass

    Margaret Bass3 dagen geleden

    There is just no ne like Bruce Springsteen. I am praying for a much loved sister.

  43. Maryam Farsi Dooraki

    Maryam Farsi Dooraki3 dagen geleden


  44. Diesel dave

    Diesel dave3 dagen geleden

    I cannot help myself I do miss the one I love 42 years you should be here with me I would rather see your face I miss you so much

  45. Ken Varnold

    Ken Varnold3 dagen geleden this guy...

  46. Claudia Flores

    Claudia Flores4 dagen geleden


  47. carmen daza

    carmen daza4 dagen geleden


  48. MrQuaQua

    MrQuaQua4 dagen geleden

    I love the picture of carrying that darn tall Shure Vocal Master cabinet on your shoulder ....that brings it all home for me.

  49. Nestor Puerta

    Nestor Puerta4 dagen geleden

    Big... Bruce... You're Big...

  50. Brian Wade

    Brian Wade4 dagen geleden

    More than a Brother. ♥️

  51. flavia romano

    flavia romano4 dagen geleden

    ... in my dreams ...

  52. Jane Pavlove

    Jane Pavlove4 dagen geleden


  53. Eddem`s BossTimeCinema

    Eddem`s BossTimeCinema4 dagen geleden

    Great Song! Great Performance!

  54. Patrizia P.

    Patrizia P.4 dagen geleden


  55. Loren Smith

    Loren Smith4 dagen geleden

    Videla mssera galterie al infierno asesinos sicopatas viva srgentina libre

  56. Brian Wade

    Brian Wade4 dagen geleden

    This is my brother !

  57. Max Kettner

    Max Kettner4 dagen geleden

    Gracias gracias gracias totales Bruce!!!!

  58. Eugene McLean

    Eugene McLean4 dagen geleden

    This song hit me square in the heart! I look at the grey hairs and wrinkled skin in the mirror and recall the Family, Friends, and Lovers that I have outlived. Some, I held their hand as they took their last breath. Think about that as you go through your days as to not take these people in your life for granted.

  59. Valdenora Maria Nascimento Cruz

    Valdenora Maria Nascimento Cruz4 dagen geleden


  60. Valdenora Maria Nascimento Cruz

    Valdenora Maria Nascimento Cruz4 dagen geleden


  61. Alex

    Alex4 dagen geleden

    Wow what a moment!!!!

  62. J. Giguelay

    J. Giguelay4 dagen geleden





  64. Humberto Lavor

    Humberto Lavor5 dagen geleden

    Adoro fantástico, amo.

  65. Etelvina Casaca

    Etelvina Casaca5 dagen geleden


  66. Karen Kingrey

    Karen Kingrey5 dagen geleden

    Oh my gosh. Literally teared up watching this. Everyone of us can relate, we have all lost someone dear to us. ❤️

  67. Marcia Evaristo da silva

    Marcia Evaristo da silva5 dagen geleden

    Ele tem uma emoção ao cantar suas canções, amooo!! ! Ouço desde 1985 sempre será meu cantor preferido❤❤❤❤

  68. Valdenora Maria Nascimento Cruz

    Valdenora Maria Nascimento Cruz5 dagen geleden


  69. Kimba Virelli Renaldo

    Kimba Virelli Renaldo5 dagen geleden

    I see him and Orbison singing this together if he was still alive. It has an Orbison feel mixed what’s unique to Bruce. Springsteen is also a very talented storyteller too and I feel that I’m listening to a story of how love went awry (and his reaction to it).

  70. madbug1965

    madbug19655 dagen geleden

    I'm playing this for my mom who passed away suddenly and alone at the age of 93 yesterday. Since we were both now vaccinated, we were going to celebrate my birthday together next week after a year apart. I wish I could have seen her one more time....

  71. Rela Klas

    Rela Klas5 dagen geleden


  72. Amazing Music

    Amazing Music5 dagen geleden

    its safe to say the guitar player is no angus young.

  73. Kalp Kumud Kumar

    Kalp Kumud Kumar5 dagen geleden

    Bruce is American poet hero singer song writer , but his lyrics connect to this avg india guy like he is our own !!! #theboss

  74. Larry Hughes

    Larry Hughes5 dagen geleden

    Glad Bruce is still healthy and rocking. It's important.

  75. Isis Ardizzoni

    Isis Ardizzoni5 dagen geleden

    Beautiful music Bruce. One of my favorite. I love music and Bruce is the best !! ❤❤

  76. Kalp Kumud Kumar

    Kalp Kumud Kumar5 dagen geleden

    Bruce is a American poet hero singer song writer , but his lyrics connects to this avg Indian guy like he is our own !!!! 2004 when i listened born in usa album first time and it has changed my life since then , coming from 30 year old guy !!! Long live bruce #TheBoss

  77. Chris L

    Chris L6 dagen geleden

    This song is on repeat on xrt 93.1 in Chicago. I swear Bruce must pay those people big money to play it.

  78. Vera Stewart

    Vera Stewart6 dagen geleden

    Awesome video ❤️

  79. theuncle321

    theuncle3216 dagen geleden

    E-Street Band...what else? If Bruce turns into his 90s he'll kick out one of these songs. Saw him and the guys in Munich back in 2008. See them folks "in my dreams". Matter of fact. Thanks for being there, mate...

  80. Paul Gibson Music

    Paul Gibson Music6 dagen geleden