Bruce Springsteen
Bruce Springsteen
Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen's official NLpush channel. From "Sundown" and "Hello Sunshine" from his latest album WESTERN STARS, you'll find all of his greatest hits here. See the new film #WesternStars at special Fathom Events fan screenings on October 19 \u0026 23.

  1. Susan Lee

    Susan Lee12 uur geleden

    I would have loved to have been in the audience when he did this 😀

  2. Neil Jeram

    Neil Jeram14 uur geleden


  3. James O' Hart

    James O' HartDag geleden

    Who's the boss? Bruce is the boss. What a song . What a voice. Love this song 2021 abit better because of this music.

  4. Maria Rosa San Juan Gomez

    Maria Rosa San Juan GomezDag geleden

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  5. Maria Rosa San Juan Gomez

    Maria Rosa San Juan GomezDag geleden

    Llevamos buena racha en el pe ayer hubo 5vel dtl ksryiks rx

  6. Maria Rosa San Juan Gomez

    Maria Rosa San Juan GomezDag geleden

    Mejor el como se hace que gl ksma es un pesah

  7. Maria Rosa San Juan Gomez

    Maria Rosa San Juan GomezDag geleden

    Los comentatioscen injlrs y en edrs

  8. Roger Alen

    Roger AlenDag geleden

    Just awesome. Look at all those people from all pages Wonderful..Amazing❤

  9. Rita Hinrichs

    Rita HinrichsDag geleden


  10. SuAnn

    SuAnnDag geleden

    I love this so much

  11. Jennifer Mudry-Rothenay

    Jennifer Mudry-RothenayDag geleden

    It’s sweet to see how the audience looks. From the inside looking out.

  12. Phillip Howson

    Phillip HowsonDag geleden

    Dream are free 💯💯💯💯🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺no 🐃🐂🚽

  13. Michele

    MicheleDag geleden

    2021❤ thanks bruce❤

  14. Faithleigh Hill

    Faithleigh HillDag geleden

    Bad ass hell!!!nice

  15. Robert F Sullivan

    Robert F SullivanDag geleden

    RFS Israel *

  16. Robert F Sullivan

    Robert F SullivanDag geleden

    * RFS Israel

  17. Alberto Bartoli

    Alberto BartoliDag geleden

    Simply.....the boss of all us !!!!❤️

  18. stefano casucci

    stefano casucci2 dagen geleden

    All he manage he makes it so simple 👏👏👏


    ONNIE TALONE2 dagen geleden

    seems man will kill

  20. Helen Beggs

    Helen Beggs2 dagen geleden

    Beautiful ❤️🙏🙂☘️

  21. Helen Beggs

    Helen Beggs2 dagen geleden

    So beautiful ❤️🙏🙂☘️

  22. S. Baumard

    S. Baumard2 dagen geleden

    we'll be together again, thanks so much...

  23. dylan muscio

    dylan muscio2 dagen geleden

    thanks Alan Vega and Suicide for this song thanks Bruce for an amazing cover

  24. Natalie jallat

    Natalie jallat2 dagen geleden

    I love Bruce Springsteen

  25. William Jackson

    William Jackson2 dagen geleden

    Always loved this guy until he betrayed us with THE POS OBUMA

  26. Patricia McEwen

    Patricia McEwen2 dagen geleden

    I love him. I play this every single day over and over in my car. Everyone laughs at me. My son passed away 7/25/20.. Some reason, this song makes me think of him... I cry... I cry so hard driving in the dark .. thinking of my son...

  27. Valdenora Maria Nascimento Cruz

    Valdenora Maria Nascimento Cruz3 dagen geleden


  28. Maria Rosa San Juan Gomez

    Maria Rosa San Juan Gomez3 dagen geleden

    Llevan dos discos gl temita como son del madridcle don cuerda y hay curds para rfuo

  29. Maria Rosa San Juan Gomez

    Maria Rosa San Juan Gomez3 dagen geleden

    Hoy la fiesta comienza más tdrde hemos puesto gl bxcgl gl vfcop

  30. A david Arellano

    A david Arellano3 dagen geleden

    Simplemente THE BOSS!!!

  31. mkrbrtsn1

    mkrbrtsn13 dagen geleden


  32. James Bold Comedy

    James Bold Comedy4 dagen geleden

    you will see them, but you will also see so much more......

  33. rayilvem

    rayilvem4 dagen geleden

    I came to the Boss late in life, but I'm catching up now ! Boy he knows how to hit buttons! some of the comments on here are heart rending !! god bless you all who grieve lost ones xx

  34. Edwin Lock

    Edwin Lock4 dagen geleden

    This song proves once again he's still the Boss!!!!!! Love it

  35. Maria Rosa San Juan Gomez

    Maria Rosa San Juan Gomez4 dagen geleden

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  36. Hermie Valencia

    Hermie Valencia4 dagen geleden

    ok ok ok.. in this pandemic, i'm out of the cave... to the moon and back.. the Boss rules!

  37. b40 b40

    b40 b404 dagen geleden

    first time in history springsteen fans heard a good song in concert lmao

  38. Zoideth Bornios

    Zoideth Bornios4 dagen geleden

    Beautiful song my friend ( I think I can call you friend after all this years) lots of memories came and invade my hearth all the memories are from people I love and miss. THANK YOU.

  39. Wendy Wilkinson

    Wendy Wilkinson4 dagen geleden

    WHAT????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES

  40. Phillip Graves

    Phillip Graves5 dagen geleden

    Such an overrated musician. For the life of me I could never figure out why people think this guy is any good. Bob Dylan wanna be

  41. Maria Rosa San Juan Gomez

    Maria Rosa San Juan Gomez5 dagen geleden

    Losxcomenya son de cuflrie pette dtl mungo hl bosd es fxmx mu tengo jbpjñkn de como ifrsxt

  42. Maria Rosa San Juan Gomez

    Maria Rosa San Juan Gomez5 dagen geleden

    Zhoraxescucho la calle fi pada algún vobo lo saludara yo no disfrute para mi tienrvtue hacer calor no tcmuo como ayer peyo mad hle tue hoy unxbpyetyr

  43. Theresa Novak

    Theresa Novak5 dagen geleden

    So thankful for you and your music. Be well. ❤️

  44. pjaayzutube

    pjaayzutube5 dagen geleden

    Nice cover

  45. Rithner, Rebeckah Rithner

    Rithner, Rebeckah Rithner5 dagen geleden

    For Sharon and Kip: Love and miss you both. There's so much truth in this beautiful song. Thanks to the Boss.

  46. Fermin Korkostegi Saizar

    Fermin Korkostegi Saizar6 dagen geleden

    Bruce zatoz berriro Donostiara

  47. Inge Borthne

    Inge Borthne6 dagen geleden

    I guess Eddie Vedder could do a duet with this one.

  48. Marie anne Affre

    Marie anne Affre6 dagen geleden


  49. Corinna Pitsch

    Corinna Pitsch6 dagen geleden

    Even THE BOSS grew old, but good as ever.....

  50. donna

    donna6 dagen geleden

    "For death is not the end" Our loved ones are just in the next room

  51. David Weisberg

    David Weisberg6 dagen geleden

    Absolutely brilliant!!!!!

  52. Soila Bernal

    Soila Bernal6 dagen geleden

    So happy to see him and hear his wonderful voice!

  53. Klazina Verboom

    Klazina Verboom6 dagen geleden


  54. Була Aджиев

    Була Aджиев6 dagen geleden

    the Witcher 3 crooked-eared swamps, few people will understand

  55. Lindsay Brunton

    Lindsay Brunton6 dagen geleden


  56. Natalie jallat

    Natalie jallat6 dagen geleden

    Love ❤️ you

  57. liam mt

    liam mt6 dagen geleden

    Check out Luke Kelly .

  58. Ms Shiny

    Ms Shiny6 dagen geleden

    No joke: I was listening to this song on and off on repeat ALL DAY before the victory parade, then suddenly Joe was running on stage, carrying all these promises with him with this masterpiece following him every step...I was quite moved. 💙💙

  59. Hendrix Jensen

    Hendrix Jensen6 dagen geleden


  60. ExtradeluxeChairman

    ExtradeluxeChairman6 dagen geleden

    Am so sorry for all of you human fellows who lost your loved ones. Am so sorry. 🙏

  61. Emmie Rowan

    Emmie Rowan6 dagen geleden

    Anyone else get chocked up listening to this 😭 It's such a beautiful song sung with such passion, absolute perfection. The crowd...such a beautiful sight. Just superb!!

  62. Ísabella Björk Bjarkadóttir

    Ísabella Björk Bjarkadóttir6 dagen geleden

    Darling Bruce Springsteen!

  63. Marsha Smith

    Marsha Smith6 dagen geleden

    Wonder if he wrote this one? It's a good song. For some reason I'm stuck on "Streets of Philadelphia and Dancing in the dark" Listen to them regularly. Keep it up Boss!

  64. Paolo Volpi

    Paolo Volpi6 dagen geleden

    E' sempre il n. 1, a oltre settanta anni continua a fare dischi con alta frequenza senza diminuire la qualita'.

  65. Maria Rosa San Juan Gomez

    Maria Rosa San Juan Gomez7 dagen geleden

    Concursosxanimxlesxeso es mejor que tu thkehug

  66. Ryo L

    Ryo L7 dagen geleden

    La tua voce è la cosa più bella da sentire in questo momdo di m....

  67. Jonya Kamsi

    Jonya Kamsi7 dagen geleden

    For my dad...... Ohh this song.... 😭😭

  68. Dirk Pitt

    Dirk Pitt7 dagen geleden

    EXCELLENT cover... kudos! From a die hard Clash fan.

  69. Tamara Paz

    Tamara Paz7 dagen geleden

    Recién me entero de esto, qué maestro Bruce ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  70. Tom Larson

    Tom Larson7 dagen geleden

    Damn good song he should use this song as his main title song. He will always be the boss

  71. Eddie

    Eddie7 dagen geleden

    I still don't know who told this guy he could sing sorry but i thought he was not that good

  72. Imre Fazekas

    Imre Fazekas7 dagen geleden

    ez annyira szívszakasztó, olyan szertartásszerű és himnikus, megírtam a halotti beszédem, de rajtam kívül senki sem tudja elmondani, hát jövök, és elmondom... gyönyörű ez a dal, és az érzés

  73. Alessio Franchi

    Alessio Franchi7 dagen geleden

    This is so powerful

  74. María Hinojosa Rodriguez

    María Hinojosa Rodriguez8 dagen geleden

    Empezando la mañana con este fascinante hombre 🙏❤❤🎶🎵🎼🎺🎸🎸🎧🎧con esta música y voz ya está pagado mi día 💪💪👈👏👏❤❤

  75. 6167Steve

    6167Steve8 dagen geleden

    I do believe when Bruce and the E Street Band are seen again this is the song that will kick off the shows. It rocks, has guts and is meaningful.

  76. samueldovidelijah

    samueldovidelijah8 dagen geleden

    the musics creation of work is beautiful and a masterpiece

  77. Alexoskiller12 Le coureur12

    Alexoskiller12 Le coureur128 dagen geleden

    Je t’adore ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  78. jorge monk

    jorge monk8 dagen geleden

    Sin palabras 🇦🇷

  79. Francesca Guida

    Francesca Guida8 dagen geleden

    I love this song........and I'llsee you in my dreams......

  80. Rutney

    Rutney9 dagen geleden

    Let’s credit Garry’s bass here 🔥