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Faded pictures in an old scrapbook
Faded pictures that somebody took
When you were hard and young and proud
Backed against the wall, running raw and loud
Snakeskin vest and a sharkskin suit
Cuban heels on your boots
You kick in the band and side-by-side
You take the crowd on their mystery ride
Knights of Columbus and the Fireman’s Ball
Friday night at the Union Hall
The black-leather clubs all along Route 9
You count the names of the missing as you count off time
Rock of ages lift me somehow
Somewhere high and hard and loud
Somewhere deep into the heart of the crowd
I’m the last man standing now
Out of school and out of work
Thrift-store jeans and flannel shirts
The lights go down as you face the crowd
The last man standing now
Lights come up at the Legion Hall
Pool cues go back up on the wall
You pack your guitar and have one last beer
With just the ringing in your ears
Rock of ages lift me somehow
Somewhere high and hard and loud
Somewhere deep into the heart of the crowd
I’m the last man standing now
(I’m the last man standing now)
I’m the last man standing now
#BruceSpringsteen #LetterToYou #LastManStanding


  1. Barbara Nitsche

    Barbara Nitsche3 dagen geleden

    The older , the better !!! The time of development is over . Bruce Springsteen , YOU reached the highest point !!! More is not possible . Many , many thanks to you .

  2. Samuel Collins

    Samuel Collins20 dagen geleden

    #OneMinuteYourHere #LetterToYou #BurningTrain #JaneyNeedsAShooter #LastManStanding #ThePowerOfPrayer #HouseOfAThousandGuitars #Rainmaker #IfIWasThePriest #Ghosts #SongForOrphans #IllSeeYouInMyDreams Tracklist for the #LetterToYou Album by #BruceSpringsteen & #TheEStreetBand _____________________________________________ Order it now: _____________________________________________ Follow Bruce Springsteen: Facebook:​ Twitter:​ Instagram:​ Website:​ NLpush:​ Spotify:​

  3. mizofan

    mizofan21 dag geleden

    In the 3rd (and best) episode of his great TV series Around the World in 80 Days, it is Bruce Springsteen that Michael Palin was listening to on the dhow to India and got the old crew member to listen to as well (he approved).

  4. D. Gwalia

    D. Gwalia26 dagen geleden

    Cliche cliche crap

  5. Dale Shannon

    Dale Shannon27 dagen geleden

    Love it...

  6. Begoña Alvarez

    Begoña Alvarez27 dagen geleden

    Is beautiful to hear you, is a light through the darkness

  7. keep moving

    keep movingMaand geleden

    original, pure and a soul within- thank you

  8. Apocalypse Plough

    Apocalypse PloughMaand geleden

    I know it's a Bruce Springsteen song because he uses phrases like "mystery ride" and "union hall". It's getting a little old, Bruce.

  9. Apocalypse Plough

    Apocalypse PloughMaand geleden

    @Real Ant - I didn't know that. I do like him. I have most of his CDs. But I think the well has dried up for him like it does for all singer/songwriters. Watch Paul Simon's interview on Charlie Rose. He says the very same thing. Joni Mitchell said it's very hard to stay inspired for a long time. I also hate the critics treating him with kid loves. Maybe if they didn't he would write better songs. Rolling Stone Magazine will pretend it's his best yet. Like they always do.

  10. Real Ant

    Real AntMaand geleden

    It’s a literary strategy to connect seperate songs and put them together/connect them in a way. He writes all his songs as though they’re an ongoing story and honestly, it’s beautiful. You may just need a little break :)

  11. Willett Mary

    Willett MaryMaand geleden

    It's a tough place to stand as those dear to you cross over onto another energetic path.

  12. tertiarygrace

    tertiarygraceMaand geleden

    You just helped get me through a tough night. Thank you, Bruce

  13. Real Ant

    Real AntMaand geleden


  14. Man Of The Year

    Man Of The Year2 maanden geleden

    Good but not great song rider. He's also a huge phony. This song is not bad though. He is the poor man's Tom Waits of song writing.

  15. Real Ant

    Real AntMaand geleden

    “Song rider” lol. He’s not a phony, he’s a legend ❤️ 🇺🇸

  16. Frank Colasanto

    Frank Colasanto2 maanden geleden

    Same ole ctrap for the last 9 lp's

  17. Νικολεττα Κυριακιδου

    Νικολεττα Κυριακιδου3 maanden geleden

    ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🇬🇷Συνέχισε να γράφεις τραγούδια αγαπώ

  18. Evaldo Bolton

    Evaldo Bolton3 maanden geleden

    Bruce springsteen, você é a vacina que o povo brasileiro necessita para que possa aprender e reaprender o que é música de verdade. Obrigado por ter feito discos excelentes em momentos tão dificies. Aqui no Brasil a música decente entrou numa espiral do horizonte de eventos do buraco negro Supermassivo desde o ano 2000 e a gravidade atraiu até o seu centro. Uiramutā RR Brazil

  19. Linn Haramis

    Linn Haramis3 maanden geleden

    IMO, One of his best songs in a huge catalog of music!🎤🎸🎸🎷🎹🥁

  20. Anthony Di

    Anthony Di3 maanden geleden

    The River (1980) Letter to You (2020)

  21. Jos van der Wal

    Jos van der Wal3 maanden geleden

    Mijn God, wat een album, still going strong

  22. Kenny Johnson

    Kenny Johnson3 maanden geleden

    Songs don't get any better

  23. Domenic Falcone

    Domenic Falcone3 maanden geleden

    I live near the Main Point in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. It was a coffee house that was one of Bruce’s favorite venues in the early seventies. It has the perfect set up for a rooftop concert! Hey Bruce, the Beatles had their rooftop concert, now it’s your turn!😃

  24. kev cav

    kev cav3 maanden geleden

    God boring ass crap music the same crap this guy has written his whole life one song sounds just like all the others what a loser

  25. Real Ant

    Real AntMaand geleden

    Bruh. He’s travelled the world, defined the 80’s rock era, changed thousands of people’s lives, and that’s only to name a few of his accomplishments. If you think he’s a loser then hell I guess that makes everyone a loser.

  26. Tago Mago

    Tago Mago2 maanden geleden

    Spingsteen a loser? Ah Ah Ah... Go home man.

  27. Jim Toohey

    Jim Toohey3 maanden geleden

    Thanks Jimmy Fallon for turning me on to this. Boss too course

  28. HFTONE

    HFTONE4 maanden geleden

    Fuck Clapton... Bruce is God! Miss you Bigman!


    DEREK CARLOW4 maanden geleden

    amazing song, glad u made an album come out in 2020

  30. Théo Goldberg

    Théo Goldberg4 maanden geleden


  31. johnnyM809

    johnnyM8094 maanden geleden

    A songwriting genius without a doubt...what a career he has had. There will never be another one like him.

  32. S C

    S C11 dagen geleden

    Bruce is an unbelievable song writer, singer and entertainer. Have seen him live over a dozen times and his shows are 3-4 hours of pure joy. Hopefully we can experience that again when this pandemic is all over.

  33. Mark Levasseur

    Mark Levasseur3 maanden geleden


  34. Honorato de Balzac

    Honorato de Balzac4 maanden geleden

    Thank you Boss for uploading your music in NLpush

  35. Louise B.

    Louise B.5 maanden geleden

    I'm a second hand maid, gratefully gained my love of Bruce and the street via the gas light anthem- Brian Fallon- wasn't young enough to appreciate him first time round to say but so very appreciated now. Thank you 💙

  36. Nelson Lima

    Nelson Lima5 maanden geleden


  37. Tobias Grote

    Tobias Grote5 maanden geleden

    The good old master our Bruce

  38. William Gibson

    William Gibson5 maanden geleden

    I heard he'd had a bit of writers block in the last few years. Well, that seems to have gone.

  39. john townsley

    john townsley5 maanden geleden

    Great song . Brilliant album

  40. David Schneider

    David Schneider5 maanden geleden

    I really like this album! Reminds me a bit of the Tunnel of Love album which I loved so much.

  41. Shaw Gmeinder

    Shaw Gmeinder5 maanden geleden

    Bruce is a genius

  42. Randall Leonard

    Randall Leonard5 maanden geleden

    I love the fact that Bruce did another Rock and Roll album. I've been a fan since 1974. This is the version of Bruce I love the best!!!

  43. Christian Schulze

    Christian Schulze5 maanden geleden

    Als ich Springsteens Autobiografie las, kam meine Tochter rein und fragte: "Was liest du da? Die Bibel?" Und ich: "Kann man so sehen." Ich bin 56 Jahre alt und schäme mich nicht meiner Tränen.

  44. lee baldock

    lee baldock5 maanden geleden

    Who plays sax on the two songs on this album now ? Any idea folks ?

  45. George Andronis

    George Andronis5 maanden geleden

    Jake Clemons

  46. mii zone

    mii zone5 maanden geleden

    this song is bruce of old

  47. Brian Kent

    Brian Kent5 maanden geleden

    Self indulgent, same old E Street, verse, verse, bridge, sax, verse end. Someone has to say it!

  48. Robert F Sullivan

    Robert F Sullivan5 maanden geleden


  49. Speed Brain

    Speed Brain5 maanden geleden

    Feels Like Heaven.

  50. joão paulo

    joão paulo5 maanden geleden

    Sorry Bruce,but Willie still arround and he stands longer

  51. Jari Kuukasjärvi

    Jari Kuukasjärvi5 maanden geleden


  52. Marisa Rossi

    Marisa Rossi5 maanden geleden

    grande boss.

  53. Seth Andrews

    Seth Andrews5 maanden geleden

    I'm 18 and can't thank bruce for how passionate he is about not only music but life. He's was gave me my love for music and my Dad's.

  54. Théo Goldberg

    Théo Goldberg4 maanden geleden

    That's very cute Seth. Enjoy the ride with music as a faithful companion, always there for you!!!!

  55. riccardo banelli

    riccardo banelli5 maanden geleden

    I can hear something about Magic album!! 👍👍👍🎸

  56. Craig Williamson

    Craig Williamson5 maanden geleden

    One of the top 3 songs on the album - great connection to 2-3 other songs - very much enjoy this album - its theme - memories for the fans looking back - cheers Bruce and the band.

  57. Michael Hartmann

    Michael Hartmann5 maanden geleden

    This album shows the problem of a land which is totally splitted by the one who has the duty to avoid it! The man on Top of it is a danger for the whole world! I hope, that the peoples in the USA understood this and stop this horror ! Your president is not able to rule anything. He is a liar, racist and responsible for thousands of deaths . The only thing, he is interested in, is HIMSELF! Come on folks! Your country deserves a president, not a fool who doesnt take care of anything. He talks about fake news but the baddest fake is himself! My wish for the peoples of the USA: stay or become healthy and send this sick man to anywhere! Good Luck!

  58. Mark Brooks

    Mark Brooks4 maanden geleden

    @Brian Brosnan Caging children and ignoring science. He is the worst.

  59. Jordy Broeder

    Jordy Broeder5 maanden geleden

    ​@Diane Robinson You're right on the Godsend, but let's be honest.. HE made it to become president and avoid the snakepit of "already leading YOUR country (and probably a lot of the rest of the world) behind the scene club". The president can't bring down the world to shit in just 4 years right? What happened the last 10-20 years... I bet most people already forgot, just like to easily forget how to take care of the world and each other! Enjoy this fresh air, just like the album! They act on levels we should never reach in this lifetime

  60. Jordy Broeder

    Jordy Broeder5 maanden geleden

    Talking about Biden? HEY JOEYYYY wake up!!

  61. Grindhouse Cartoons

    Grindhouse Cartoons5 maanden geleden

    yes, and Biden is a Stable Genius,HAHAHAHAHAHAH

  62. Diane Robinson

    Diane Robinson5 maanden geleden

    @Brian Brosnan No, he's not a Godsend. He is a narcissistic who is incapable of seeing the truth, let alone speaking it. Simply my humble AMERICAN and eyes wide open opinion. And it's people like you who follow him and his bullshit that frighten me just as much as he does. By the way, Mexico didn't pay for the wall.

  63. יונתן קוריאל

    יונתן קוריאל5 maanden geleden

    ..and so you stand dear Bruce shinning bright and proud.. may you'll live strong and long. Your long time fan.. Yonathan.

  64. Vera Stewart

    Vera Stewart5 maanden geleden

    ❤️ Always

  65. Bruce Springsteen

    Bruce Springsteen2 maanden geleden

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  66. Fred Sanders

    Fred Sanders5 maanden geleden

    Took he whole apple 🍎 love to any came who never left.

  67. Karin Siebel

    Karin Siebel5 maanden geleden

    Super schönes Album 😘😘❤❤

  68. CROCK BO

    CROCK BO5 maanden geleden

    Lo amo da sempre con la E STREET , secondo me questo e wrecking ball sono i suoi migliori album degli ultimi tempi.Ma questo e proprio E STREET sound based .Sempre il N 1

  69. Mario Steiner

    Mario Steiner5 maanden geleden

    You Are my Hero!!😎

  70. Marie anne Affre

    Marie anne Affre5 maanden geleden


  71. Marinella Sclosa

    Marinella Sclosa5 maanden geleden

    Good ❤️❤️❤️🇮🇹

  72. MrJDNJ

    MrJDNJ5 maanden geleden

    I think this album is the Vaccine we've been waiting for.

  73. Gandalf The Grey

    Gandalf The Grey4 maanden geleden

    But this is actually healing, unlike a vaccine

  74. Jack Marron

    Jack Marron5 maanden geleden

    Can't think of a better album than this one since "BITUSA"! I think this might be the one when he finally wins The Grammy for "Album of the Year"?!

  75. Raymond Lawson

    Raymond Lawson5 maanden geleden

    I have to say you're best album ever. 🍻❤

  76. Uncle Bozo

    Uncle Bozo5 maanden geleden

    Before I heard the song and just saw the title I thought it would be a Bon Jovi cover, knowing that Bruce and JBJ are friends.

  77. Manuel Vidal Perez

    Manuel Vidal Perez5 maanden geleden

    Gracias por existir

  78. Eduardo Bonafonte

    Eduardo Bonafonte5 maanden geleden

    WoW. A song from the heart of Springsteen. Beautiful and touching

  79. Magnus Lauglo

    Magnus Lauglo5 maanden geleden

    There's a time and place for nostalgia, and here Bruce uses it to its best effect, linking the past to the present. Absolutely one of the strongest tracks on the new album.

  80. St Just Concepts

    St Just Concepts5 maanden geleden

    Is this a Christmas single? Listen to the guitar riff and imagine that with bells instead. Then this video with the snow. It's Christmas!!

  81. Music High Power Land

    Music High Power Land5 maanden geleden

    the best

  82. Sarah Vilas Boas

    Sarah Vilas Boas5 maanden geleden

    Linda música !

  83. Rob Dillon

    Rob Dillon5 maanden geleden

    Great song

  84. The Boss live and Travelling the Philippines Vlog

    The Boss live and Travelling the Philippines Vlog5 maanden geleden


  85. Keith O

    Keith O5 maanden geleden

    Love the album. I think one ad would have been enough. Disney loves you though!

  86. Larry Toothbrush

    Larry Toothbrush5 maanden geleden

    Been a Bruce fan since 1974. Sorry, SOS

  87. Lili Fernandez

    Lili Fernandez5 maanden geleden


  88. MrShadowhell62

    MrShadowhell625 maanden geleden

    Is that clarences kid on the sax???

  89. Adam Childress

    Adam Childress5 maanden geleden


  90. Ottorino Gentile

    Ottorino Gentile5 maanden geleden

    Quest'album è una delle cose più belle di questo terribile 2020,non saprei dire le altre 4.

  91. ari saarela

    ari saarela5 maanden geleden

    Best album from Boss ever

  92. Gary Greenwood

    Gary Greenwood5 maanden geleden

    Only problem with the album is my favourite keeps changing but listen to the sax on this ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  93. solid blue

    solid blue5 maanden geleden

    Is this sax played by Jake Clemons, the nephew of late Clarence? Gosh, I can't explain my feelings well, but what the heck is? The typical E Street Band sound, entitled "Last Man Standing"...GGGGGosh..😭

  94. Mike Kruzel

    Mike Kruzel4 maanden geleden

    Jake hits every note. He's fantastic and sounds great on this album!

  95. Chris Scrivener

    Chris Scrivener5 maanden geleden

    Yes it is Jake

  96. Ray Nutter

    Ray Nutter5 maanden geleden

    Trump 2020

  97. יונתן קוריאל

    יונתן קוריאל5 maanden geleden

    Finally he is going down. Time to heal...

  98. Snow Alewine

    Snow Alewine5 maanden geleden

    Springsteen------ beautiful thoughts ❤️- a song to remember and tapping hearts ♥️

  99. Farida Bechar

    Farida Bechar5 maanden geleden


  100. rosalita sandy

    rosalita sandy5 maanden geleden

    Please be the “last human being standing" if I still have faith in Humanity it is because you exist. You are the last bastion of the Humanity . We love you !

  101. Ronald Silver

    Ronald Silver2 maanden geleden

    Thank you for putting my feelings into words. My love for Bruce is completely separate from the great love I have for my husband. Not many people would understand this.

  102. Stefano Solari

    Stefano Solari5 maanden geleden


  103. Hector Alonso

    Hector Alonso5 maanden geleden


  104. mic

    mic5 maanden geleden

    nice song

  105. N

    N5 maanden geleden

    Best song in this wonderful album.

  106. GinaClean

    GinaClean5 maanden geleden

    Bruce's Music always grabs me where it most counts-the Seat of my American Woman's Soul. Bruce's ability to Reflect the Collective Consciousness is Timelessly Classic. Thanks Bruce for your Creative Energy. It Lifts All of Us Up. Namaste.

  107. GinaClean

    GinaClean5 maanden geleden

    @Jt Smith No need to apologize. Perhaps, an apology from me will set you at ease. I apologize if I offended you by asking what you meant in your initial reply to my comment. I can be very literal in the way my brain receives information. I'm not always great at recognizing what is really being asked of me. That's why I asked what you meant. I wanted to be sure I responded properly. Namaste.

  108. Jt Smith

    Jt Smith5 maanden geleden

    @GinaClean i apologise if i didn't reveal my intention. i can be introverted and withdrawn sometimes. it's the nature of my whole being. thank goodness for Bruce Springsteen. he heals our pain with such direct, affecting lyrics.

  109. GinaClean

    GinaClean5 maanden geleden

    @Jt Smith Reach out any time you like Jt! I'm happy co chat-particularly since you were drawn to my words. We must have some sort of words to impart to one another that may be beneficial. Namaste.

  110. Jt Smith

    Jt Smith5 maanden geleden

    @GinaClean at least we have new music to savor. i was fortunate to witness Bruce live. he definitely has an aura of his own. i suppose i was seeking connection. my comments were only curious remarks. i am mostly harmless. he he.

  111. GinaClean

    GinaClean5 maanden geleden

    @Jt Smith Thanks for the explanation. I'm an old hippie, not a beatnik. No worries about disturbing my moment. I'm open to receive feedback so long as it is constructively conveyed.

  112. Matilde Regalado

    Matilde Regalado5 maanden geleden

    El tiempo pasa ,pero la magia de Bruce Springsteen permanecerá en los tiempos en la eternidad ,es único e irrepetible ,es el ángel que habré las puertas de los mas maravillosos sueños 💖💖💖💖

  113. Virginia Osorio

    Virginia Osorio5 maanden geleden

    He is unique and authentic.God keep blessing him.

  114. Mac Boracay

    Mac Boracay5 maanden geleden

    Man cannot wait til Bruce for a circle for me eeehhhhh!

  115. Alan Angove

    Alan Angove5 maanden geleden

    Brilliant from South Afica cant believe he is 71

  116. Lori Sanchez

    Lori Sanchez5 maanden geleden

    My God! I do so love this!!♥️ Cannot wait to crank it up!

  117. Lori Sanchez

    Lori Sanchez4 maanden geleden

    I got it!!! It's amazing!!!!❤️❤️

  118. Lori Sanchez

    Lori Sanchez5 maanden geleden

    Agreed! Missed this seems forever. I can't wait until mine gets here too! Excited to revisit my years with The Boss and E Street. Just miss Clarence but his nephew is amazing!

  119. Sweetwm Catdaddy Shakes

    Sweetwm Catdaddy Shakes5 maanden geleden

    You hear that Classic E-street band sound just master muscians n loving it I can't wait to get paid n buy the CD For 42 yrs I've been blasting away Bruce Springsteensn the E-street band's music loudly really loud driving nowhere bound blasting away

  120. Stephan Kölz

    Stephan Kölz5 maanden geleden

    So ist nur der Boss 🏅👍🤘🌻♥️🤓

  121. mr pele

    mr pele5 maanden geleden

    Love this one

  122. Agata Mazzone

    Agata Mazzone5 maanden geleden

    Happy weekend Clarence and Danny..thank you BOSS..

  123. Aza Sonia

    Aza Sonia5 maanden geleden

    Wonderful, it took me back last times and friends

  124. Diana C. Peñaloza

    Diana C. Peñaloza5 maanden geleden

    Bruce, you did it again bro!!!! This Song is AMAZING as the whole fuck***** ALBUM! You're the BEST!!!! *_*

  125. Ben Cherry

    Ben Cherry5 maanden geleden

    very solid, very Bruce, he cant write a bad song. tears in my eyes i cheer loudly.

  126. Vicki Hobbs

    Vicki Hobbs5 maanden geleden

    Just love this album , fantastic , such beautiful words ,, go bruce and e street

  127. Federico Gallo

    Federico Gallo5 maanden geleden

    Last man standing. In my opinion one of the best songs the boss has ever written. I know, it is a matter of taste but in this case the artistic result is outstanding.

  128. Frank Weimann

    Frank Weimann5 maanden geleden

    he was our childhood memory 🤠🇩🇪🥃🍺

  129. Frank Weimann

    Frank Weimann5 maanden geleden

    Legacy Boss 😇😻👍

  130. Bolha6

    Bolha65 maanden geleden

    Somewhere deep into the heart of the crowd, I'm the last man standing now. - Yup Bruce, you're really the last. Living legend.

  131. johnnyM809

    johnnyM8094 maanden geleden

    Agreed. he's the greatest of all time as far as I am concerned.

  132. T Williams

    T Williams5 maanden geleden

    Steven Tylor has more legendary cells in his toenails than Bruce has in his entire body.

  133. willpfister

    willpfister5 maanden geleden

    I'm thinking Dylan's still breathing.

  134. Robert S.

    Robert S.5 maanden geleden

    @Warren Rapoport I was thinking Brian Wilson.

  135. Warren Rapoport

    Warren Rapoport5 maanden geleden

    @Robert S. Brian May?