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Parched crops dying ’neath a dead sun
We’ve been praying but no good comes
The dog’s howling, home’s stripped bare
We’ve been worried but now were scared
People come for comfort or just to come
Taste the dark sticky potion or hear the drums
Hands raised to Yahweh to bring the rain down
He comes crawlin’ ’cross the dry fields like a dark shroud
Rainmaker a little faith for hire
Rainmaker the house is on fire
Rainmaker take everything you have
Sometimes folks need to believe in something so bad, so bad, so bad
They’ll hire a rainmaker
Rainmaker says white’s black and black’s white
Says night’s day and day’s night
Says close your eyes and go to sleep now
I’m in a burnin’ field unloadin’ buckshot into low clouds
Rainmaker a little faith for hire
Rainmaker the house is on fire
Rainmaker take everything you have
Sometimes folks need to believe in something so bad, so bad, so bad
They’ll hire a rainmaker
Slow moving wagon drawing through a dry town
Painted rainbow, crescent moon and dark clouds
Brother patriot come forth and lay it down
Your blood brother for king and crown
For your rainmaker
They come for the smile, the firm handshake
They come for the raw chance of a fair shake
Some come to make damn sure, my friend
This mean season’s got nothin’ to do with them
They come ’cause they can’t stand the pain
Of another long hot day of no rain
’Cause they don’t care or understand
What it really takes for the sky to open up the land
A little faith for hire
Rainmaker the house is on fire
Rainmaker take everything you have
Sometimes folks need to believe in something so bad, so bad, so bad
They’ll hire a rainmaker
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  1. Léia katsuki

    Léia katsuki4 dagen geleden

    A voz deste homem faz me apaixonar ☺😊

  2. Barbara Nitsche

    Barbara Nitsche7 dagen geleden

    The first note already says it , Bruce Springsteen at his very(!) best !!! Happy Friday to all of us .

  3. Samuel Collins

    Samuel Collins20 dagen geleden

    #OneMinuteYourHere #LetterToYou #BurningTrain #JaneyNeedsAShooter #LastManStanding #ThePowerOfPrayer #HouseOfAThousandGuitars #Rainmaker #IfIWasThePriest #Ghosts #SongForOrphans #IllSeeYouInMyDreams Tracklist for the #LetterToYou Album by #BruceSpringsteen & #TheEStreetBand _____________________________________________ Order it now: _____________________________________________ Follow Bruce Springsteen: Facebook:​ Twitter:​ Instagram:​ Website:​ NLpush:​ Spotify:​

  4. Dale Shannon

    Dale Shannon27 dagen geleden


  5. EricDavidFloyd

    EricDavidFloydMaand geleden

    People plead to Yahweh for deliverance and mistake the Rainmaker for the anointed sad

  6. Anthony Hill

    Anthony HillMaand geleden

    this song did not age well

  7. B. W. Videos

    B. W. VideosMaand geleden


  8. Aladdin Sane

    Aladdin SaneMaand geleden


  9. Jim Peluso

    Jim PelusoMaand geleden

    I feel that Trump is the rainmaker. People need to believe in something so bad they hire a rainmaker.

  10. Nick Carlson

    Nick CarlsonMaand geleden

    Subtle dig at people like Trump and Rush (RIH)

  11. Nadège Garcia

    Nadège GarciaMaand geleden


  12. David Torres Fernandez

    David Torres Fernandez2 maanden geleden

    I think that in the deep, more or less, all of us are a little rainmakers!

  13. David Torres Fernandez

    David Torres Fernandez3 maanden geleden

    I signed!!

  14. David Torres Fernandez

    David Torres Fernandez3 maanden geleden

    This band promises with good music. They are kids I think , aren't they?

  15. Anthony Di

    Anthony Di3 maanden geleden

    The River - (1980) Letter to You - (2020)

  16. Gabriel Tripaldi

    Gabriel Tripaldi3 maanden geleden

    His worst song. Period

  17. とおる倶楽部

    とおる倶楽部4 maanden geleden


  18. Véronique Villani

    Véronique Villani4 maanden geleden

    the boss formidable

  19. Robert Strobel

    Robert Strobel4 maanden geleden

    Even Grandma likes this.

  20. Manuela Larsberg

    Manuela Larsberg4 maanden geleden

    I love it .....letter to you❤

  21. berferd2

    berferd24 maanden geleden

    Holy shit.

  22. Théo Goldberg

    Théo Goldberg4 maanden geleden

    A real great artist speaks to every generation. I read all your comments below from 15 to 91!

  23. Robert M. Speiser

    Robert M. Speiser4 maanden geleden

    Is this not the best song about Trump and his voters... even though, supposedly, it was written (and recorded) before Trump's ascendancy?

  24. Martin O'BRIEN

    Martin O'BRIEN4 maanden geleden

    The perfect description of you know who .

  25. Jim Peluso

    Jim PelusoMaand geleden

    Let me guess, Trump.

  26. Ivan Springsteen

    Ivan Springsteen4 maanden geleden

    Bruce is a absolute lyricist This song and music is nothing short of Brilliant, Powerful,emotional. This will be a typical classic Springsteen rock song, up there among his amazing history of sensationally written rock songs. "Hands raised to Yahweh " "Sometimes folks need to beleive in something so bad so bad so bad " "Cause they don't care or understand what it really takes for the sky to open up the land " Bruce you need to come to the safest state in the world, Western Australia for a holiday and a few shows while in town, see you on the road soon

  27. newspapertaxis1

    newspapertaxis14 maanden geleden

    Rainmaker say's White's Black and Black's White............AMEN.

  28. Phillip Pringle

    Phillip Pringle5 maanden geleden

    Brother patriot come forth and lay it down. Your blood brother for king and crown. For you're rainmaker! Greetings from Mobile Alabama, where we go one, we go all patriots!

  29. ADHPete Productions

    ADHPete Productions5 maanden geleden

    Didn't know the boss was such a huge okada fan!

  30. Gianluca Mangano

    Gianluca Mangano5 maanden geleden

    FORZA BOSS. L' Italia ti ama

  31. Gianluca Mangano

    Gianluca Mangano5 maanden geleden

    Un grandissimo Maestro ed un ottima previsione con la vittoria di Biden con 5 milioni di voti. FORZA BOSS

  32. Sami

    Sami5 maanden geleden

    Que homem mds 💕😍

  33. Robert F Sullivan

    Robert F Sullivan5 maanden geleden

    RFS Israel *

  34. Kristoffer Seppänen

    Kristoffer Seppänen5 maanden geleden

    Bruce is always the one and only The Boss. He may be 71 but his singing voice has not changed a bit. It’s amazing! May he live happily with his wife Patti and with his children and grandchildren😊😎🇺🇸

  35. Mark Johnson

    Mark Johnson5 maanden geleden

    We’ve all been fans since day one. Some same-iness throughout some songs, right? Still, America’s best songwriter.

  36. Danny Stier

    Danny Stier5 maanden geleden

    Hammer song.

  37. esptv

    esptv5 maanden geleden

    Rainmaker = Trump

  38. Νικολεττα Κυριακιδου

    Νικολεττα Κυριακιδου5 maanden geleden

    Απογοήτευση λυπάμαι 😒

  39. umbro54

    umbro545 maanden geleden

    Yes, best song on the record! Yes!

  40. johnnyM809

    johnnyM8095 maanden geleden

    This is a song about those pied pipers in life who offer simple solutions to complex problems, and unfortunately succeed too often in seducing vulnerable people with their lies.

  41. Roxanne Malis

    Roxanne Malis5 maanden geleden

    I loved this song.

  42. Debbie Razavi

    Debbie Razavi5 maanden geleden

    Beautiful ❤️💞🌟🙏🏻

  43. Jose Dieguez

    Jose Dieguez5 maanden geleden

    I've been fan sice I was 17, I'm 63 now and his songs, his passion still give me goosebumps! Thanks for make me feel so good!

  44. Muetzchen0606

    Muetzchen06065 maanden geleden

    Fantastic ESB Sound :)) and great voice from Bruce. Amazed me :)))

  45. Nicolas Martin

    Nicolas Martin5 maanden geleden

    Lets make bruce proud and go organize labor. Trump in the end was the same as Obama; false promises. The emancipation of workers will come from the workers themselves, no magic pill

  46. Steve_308

    Steve_3085 maanden geleden


  47. typicalsweg

    typicalsweg5 maanden geleden

    the beat is not catchy at all. this was the weakest song in the album. so far i feel pretty disappointed with the way the songs sound. lyrics are fine but overall the songs fall flat due to unoriginal music notes. the album definitely sounds like it was made in five days. tbh, i prefer western stars to this. the sounds in that album are more original and hypnotic

  48. Metropolitan Sound John Epperly

    Metropolitan Sound John Epperly5 maanden geleden

    Your Town.

  49. Allkreatures

    Allkreatures5 maanden geleden

    There's one reason....and one million he's The Boss.

  50. Fred Sanders

    Fred Sanders5 maanden geleden

    Remembering the weathermen the fed went after them as we seeded the clouds bruce what a long memorie we might never go home Again

  51. Blblblbl

    Blblblbl5 maanden geleden

    The piano chords on the first part remind me of van halen’s “when it’s love”

  52. Jay Gohel

    Jay Gohel5 maanden geleden

    I grew up in South Jersey in the 70's. I've long since moved away to get married , raise a family and make a life elsewhere. But the memories of the people of NJ and Philly still hold me tight. Bruce Springsteen and the E street band will always be the soundtrack of my life and an emotional connection to that most important period in my life.

  53. Debi Livingston

    Debi Livingston5 maanden geleden

    Wishing my family had stayed in Ocean Grove where we lived when I was a little bitty baby girl 😍

  54. Jari Kuukasjärvi

    Jari Kuukasjärvi5 maanden geleden

    That new album seems to be a real rainmaker in a very dry and dead land

  55. sam jones

    sam jones5 maanden geleden

    His voice is great in this. Gives me goosebumps 🙌

  56. Herbert Lüthe

    Herbert Lüthe5 maanden geleden

    who mumbles more professionally: Bruce or Bob? nice song though.

  57. Ed Farmer

    Ed Farmer5 maanden geleden

    Bob, as much as I love him, does mumble. I could understand every word in this song.

  58. Sean Hyson

    Sean Hyson5 maanden geleden

    Best song on the record, in my opinion, and uniquely Springsteen. It couldn't have come from anyone else, lyrically or musically.

  59. Mitch White

    Mitch White2 maanden geleden

    @Gabriel Tripaldi LOL

  60. Gabriel Tripaldi

    Gabriel Tripaldi3 maanden geleden

    For me it s his worst song ever

  61. Jane McCarthy

    Jane McCarthy5 maanden geleden

    @Sean Hyson I totally agree... a fan of 43 yrs... this album kicks ass in my opinion.... still rockin w my Boy the one the only the legend the Boss

  62. Jack Marron

    Jack Marron5 maanden geleden

    Can't think of a better album than this one since "BITUSA"! I think this might be the one when he finally wins The Grammy for "Album of the Year"?!

  63. TheShow1995

    TheShow19955 maanden geleden

    Wouldn't that be awesome?

  64. Claudio Moisello

    Claudio Moisello5 maanden geleden

    With this fantastic album Bruce still amazed me, after the wonderful Western Stars. And it is only been a year!!!

  65. minnie53070

    minnie530705 maanden geleden


  66. Ahmed Wilane

    Ahmed Wilane5 maanden geleden

    Thank you boss. ....from morroco

  67. Ahmed Wilane

    Ahmed Wilane5 maanden geleden

    Il love this album. .......from morroco

  68. meesalikeu

    meesalikeu5 maanden geleden

    ha nice take on trump bruce

  69. Danny Stier

    Danny Stier5 maanden geleden

    Das ganze Album, hört sich rund und stimmig an..Wenn ich den Boss will,dann genau diese Musik. .Deswegen bin ich ja Fan! ..Das Album hat eine schöne Melancholie in den den Songs. ...

  70. BIGROCKER620

    BIGROCKER6205 maanden geleden

    Just loving the new Bruce!! Thanks Bruce for some good ole R N R!!

  71. Chaninification

    Chaninification5 maanden geleden


  72. Nicholas Black

    Nicholas Black5 maanden geleden


  73. JP Pestana

    JP Pestana5 maanden geleden

    No one has ever framed the emotional past and present of a place like Bruce has with Monmouth County. Whether you'r e standing on the beach in Sea Bright, walking through Freehold, drive through Asbury, you can see lives framed in a way like no other. Thank you, Bruce.

  74. Maggie Vinberg

    Maggie Vinberg5 maanden geleden

    Thank to You, Bruce and E Street Band! Your music goes to My heart! Keep Going!

  75. trumsolon

    trumsolon5 maanden geleden

    "I’m in a burnin’ field unloadin’ buckshot into low clouds" - genius!

  76. TheShow1995

    TheShow19955 maanden geleden

    Best line easy...

  77. Sally Padgett

    Sally Padgett5 maanden geleden

    I first heard of Bruce as a new resident of the Jersey shore where my newlywed husband was the Methodist minister in Highlands and Sea Bright. I was 20 years old and went to the Stone Pony, etc. because people in my town said, “You don’t know Bruce?” Within months the church parsonage was a non-stop Bruce zone. I was just thinking how fortunate I have been to be alive at the same time as an artist of Bruce’s caliber, someone with vision and integrity and a kick ass band.

  78. Kathleen Omeara

    Kathleen OmearaMaand geleden

    Lucky lady! ❤

  79. stephanie armiger

    stephanie armiger2 maanden geleden

    You were physically close to Bruce. You are my hero.

  80. Angelo Russo

    Angelo Russo5 maanden geleden


  81. Rian L

    Rian L5 maanden geleden

    when I close my eyes I see him playing this live on stage

  82. stephanie armiger

    stephanie armiger2 maanden geleden

    You dont see or hear Bruce, You feel him in your DNA.

  83. Shady Wilbury

    Shady Wilbury5 maanden geleden

    Soon it will be a reality, I hope. I am looking forward to seeing him belt this live at some point.

  84. Adriana Unrrein

    Adriana Unrrein5 maanden geleden

    Olá! Bruce! Tudo bem? Então! Eu sinto me muito bem quando ouço suas músicas , embora tenha que procurar a tradução da letra ,mas mesmo sem entender a letra eu sinto na melodia uma coisa muito boa como o amor ,a paixão ,q esperança é inexplicável o bem estar que você transmite através de suas músicas.obrigada por isso ... Beijão da Adri

  85. Tigram Tigram

    Tigram Tigram5 maanden geleden

    Thank you for all your songs, this song too, I like it...

  86. Rob O

    Rob O5 maanden geleden

    Brilliantly written song! Bruce is a master songwriter and speaks truth about the current occupant of the White House.The American people were conned by the Rainmaker. Lookup the movie of the same title with Burt Lancaster in the role as the rainmaker and you will see the reference. Rainmaker is the most obvious song on this album. But also, Burnin' Train : "I wanted you to heal me/But instead you set me on fire... and House Of A Thousand Guitars: "The criminal clown has stolen the throne/He steals what he can never own/May the truth ring out from every small town bar/And we we'll light up the house of a thousand guitars." Springsteen masterfully writes in metaphors to great effect.

  87. Aaron Miller

    Aaron Miller5 maanden geleden

    @Nicolas Martin That I agree with. If everyone could put aside politics for a while and focus on our humanity, we'd all be better off.

  88. Nicolas Martin

    Nicolas Martin5 maanden geleden

    @Aaron Miller With all due respect the main point I wanted to bring was in the rest of my comment. Politics is only dividing us, we need to recognize our common interests and organize accordlingly, like our grand grand fathers and mothers did in the past and that's how they gotthe 40h workweek, weekend, good pay etc.

  89. Aaron Miller

    Aaron Miller5 maanden geleden

    @Nicolas Martin I don't see how not wanting to be called an idiot is being triggered

  90. Nicolas Martin

    Nicolas Martin5 maanden geleden

    @Aaron Miller read again

  91. Aaron Miller

    Aaron Miller5 maanden geleden

    @Nicolas Martin I sound trigger?

  92. Marilena Alves de Oliveira Barbosa

    Marilena Alves de Oliveira Barbosa5 maanden geleden

    Me Enche de Esperança, Maravilhoso Bruce, Sucesso Paz e Luz 😘🍀🌻🙏

  93. G K

    G K5 maanden geleden

    I've been a fan since I was 15, I'm 55 now and his songs, his passion still give me goosebumps! Love it!

  94. Paudi B

    Paudi B5 maanden geleden

    Yeah me too but at 65 I win

  95. Nina Perino

    Nina Perino5 maanden geleden

    Same and I'm also 55!

  96. Odd Terje Fossen

    Odd Terje Fossen5 maanden geleden

    Same for me i am 56.

  97. Marcus1050

    Marcus10505 maanden geleden

    You`re so right...I´m 52!

  98. Allkreatures

    Allkreatures5 maanden geleden

    Same. 58 here,lol

  99. Elisa Balestrieri

    Elisa Balestrieri5 maanden geleden

    Grande Bruce, meraviglioso🔝👏❤

  100. Dan Frechette

    Dan Frechette5 maanden geleden

    I made 32 albums in my shed in Bonny Doon and it burned down August 20. I still have the music on Bandcamp.. I really feels this song

  101. Wanita Landers

    Wanita Landers5 maanden geleden

    So beautiful

  102. Gemela Dual

    Gemela Dual5 maanden geleden

    Thank you for this necessary beauty Mr. Springsteen.

  103. Alan Shapiro

    Alan Shapiro5 maanden geleden

    Wheelhouse Bruce that could have been on the Born In the USA album. Bruce is in the Boss "pocket" on this one.

  104. CafebarAlameda Pobra

    CafebarAlameda Pobra5 maanden geleden

    Este Bruce es mucho Bruce que pasada

  105. fungusuas goodasufugu

    fungusuas goodasufugu5 maanden geleden

    Bruce talks to the common man,instead of calling him a deplorable piece of trailer trash from flyover country

  106. Giacomo De Vito

    Giacomo De Vito5 maanden geleden

    This sounds like a R.e.m. song!

  107. Rodica Greta

    Rodica Greta5 maanden geleden

    Superbă melodia!! Te iubim Bruce!!

  108. Sweetwm Catdaddy Shakes

    Sweetwm Catdaddy Shakes5 maanden geleden

    Think about all the worse fires n California n Colorado's history boy that fits for the time's God bless them there and Love these new songs can't wait to buy the CD

  109. Agata Mazzone

    Agata Mazzone5 maanden geleden

    Thank you Bruce..

  110. Aza Sonia

    Aza Sonia5 maanden geleden

    One of my preferred, sublime

  111. Michele Cicchetti

    Michele Cicchetti5 maanden geleden

    Great Powerful Song!

  112. Johan Sterk

    Johan Sterk5 maanden geleden

    Such rubbish!!!


    TOM DONAHUE4 maanden geleden



    TOM DONAHUE5 maanden geleden

    Why, Johan?

  115. Sensei6868 Miyagi

    Sensei6868 Miyagi5 maanden geleden

    There's a reason why he's the boss!🤘 you're listening to it!😁👍

  116. Harris K

    Harris K5 maanden geleden

    This is vintage Bruce Springsteen. Great album

  117. Harris K

    Harris K5 maanden geleden

    @Larry Toothbrush please don’t tell me what’s not even close. You want 73 year old Bruce to come out with another Darkness? Listen to the record a few times, there are some gems on here.

  118. Larry Toothbrush

    Larry Toothbrush5 maanden geleden

    Harris K it's not even close

  119. velqui gomez

    velqui gomez5 maanden geleden

    Increíble como siempre 😍🌹

  120. Michael Covington

    Michael Covington5 maanden geleden

    Biden is

  121. Ghostshadow Shadowghost

    Ghostshadow Shadowghost5 maanden geleden

    The Boss never disappoints 😎

  122. Michael Wilkinson

    Michael Wilkinson5 maanden geleden

    Sounds like the soundtrack to the Great Plains plight of the American farmer... has a little "The Rising" break in there to see if we are paying attention.

  123. John Parker

    John Parker5 maanden geleden

    I remember those days when farmers were people with families, not corporations with shareholders.

  124. Clláudia fields

    Clláudia fields5 maanden geleden

    Meu namorado @springsteen, meu amor ❤

  125. Snow Alewine

    Snow Alewine5 maanden geleden

    Springsteen------ “beautiful “ love this album!!!! --- Springsteen your lyrics are sweetie to the soul!!!!! -//// -♥️