Then She Kissed Me (Live at the Scottrade Center, St. Louis, MO - 08/23/08 - Official ...

"Then She Kissed Me" by Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band from Live at the Scottrade Center, St. Louis, MO - 08/23/08
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The first time I saw her I knew I had to see her again
I knew we was gonna be so much more than just friends
I didn't know just what to do so I whispered I love you
She said that she loved me too
and she kissed me
#ThenSheKissedMe #BruceSpringsteen #SongsUnderCoverVol2


  1. Mary T

    Mary T5 dagen geleden

    Bellisimo Baci Abbraci la la la laaaaaaa

  2. Vurdumduymazlığa İsyan

    Vurdumduymazlığa İsyan7 dagen geleden


  3. Alex Anderson

    Alex Anderson19 dagen geleden

    Love you Bruce absolutely the top man

  4. MannBrothersFilms

    MannBrothersFilms19 dagen geleden

    Our Boss x

  5. karen ortiz de guinea

    karen ortiz de guinea20 dagen geleden

    Talento en estado puro

  6. Danielle Frack

    Danielle Frack21 dag geleden

    Super bien❤️

  7. Monty Smith

    Monty Smith22 dagen geleden

    I kissed a girl I've been waiting so long to kiss. Great Version of this song!

  8. Danny

    Danny23 dagen geleden

    I'm glad he changed the words to She otherwise would be awkward

  9. Juan Roses Campoy

    Juan Roses Campoy23 dagen geleden


  10. knight 43

    knight 43Maand geleden

    Sounds…Good ! Voice…amazing ❗️ Everything is WONDERFUL ‼️

  11. Snow Alewine

    Snow AlewineMaand geleden

    Love Springsteen is going - back to the being -- what a hell of a journey-- ❤️💋 thanks --

  12. Clino Bevilacqua

    Clino BevilacquaMaand geleden

    Grande bruce rendi le cover tue sembra che l'hai scritta tu

  13. Lelle M

    Lelle MMaand geleden

    The Voice!!!

  14. Snow Alewine

    Snow AlewineMaand geleden

    Babe --- I will kiss your face 💋❤️👈Springsteen-////

  15. johnnyM809

    johnnyM809Maand geleden

    The master at work

  16. Lucette Charlier

    Lucette CharlierMaand geleden

    💕j' adore💕

  17. francesco333333

    francesco333333Maand geleden

    grazie ... Boss ... una canzone che ascoltavo nella mia adolescenza che ho sempre amato ...

  18. Brigette Palumbo Dimino

    Brigette Palumbo DiminoMaand geleden

    Wowwww! Is it ever possible that everyone of your songs is a precious gem!! Thank you Boss!! 👏❤️

  19. Barbara Nitsche

    Barbara NitscheMaand geleden

    YES , I would like to do that too , now and immediately I imagine that . Why ? As a thank you for the songs , the music and the unforgettable concerts . I love the singer and his songs . Happy Monday to you , dear Bruce Springsteen .

  20. Valdenora Maria Nascimento Cruz

    Valdenora Maria Nascimento CruzMaand geleden


  21. Federico Puglioli

    Federico PuglioliMaand geleden

    Bruce anche le cover sono il meglio che si possa ascoltare....ti aspettiamo presto in italia e dovunque tu vada noi saremo lì io x la 24esima volta.grazie boss

  22. Farida Bechar

    Farida BecharMaand geleden


  23. Willett Mary

    Willett MaryMaand geleden

    Whatever he preforms turns it into 24 carat...I wouldn't be interested in that song and few other oldies he preforms, if it was not for Bruce S.

  24. Édna Mendonça

    Édna MendonçaMaand geleden

    Tu és demais Bruceeed

  25. Eddi Favaro

    Eddi FavaroMaand geleden

    Che bellaaa!!!!mette allegria 💕💕🇮🇹

  26. gary gaither

    gary gaitherMaand geleden

    Bruce!!!! You Never fail to raise my goosebumps!!!!

  27. Vera Stewart

    Vera StewartMaand geleden

    ❤️ Always

  28. Jeni Siebel

    Jeni SiebelMaand geleden


  29. Christine Palmeri

    Christine PalmeriMaand geleden

    The man!

  30. Chunkymonkey7

    Chunkymonkey7Maand geleden

    I loved Bruce's music since 1982 (I was 13) but I'm struggling with his abandoning his core fans with his politics.

  31. S H

    S HMaand geleden

    Well obviously you never understood Bruce. I believe you are the one who was changed by the gaslighters at Fox.

  32. Andrew McIntyre

    Andrew McIntyreMaand geleden

    I think the truth is the opposite of what you say

  33. 129tiny

    129tinyMaand geleden

    I'm sorry it's come to that for you. Maybe give his message another listen with open heart and mind. Nothing has changed there. His core fans are still happy. Peace.

  34. Mr TrueFifth

    Mr TrueFifthMaand geleden

    I'm sorry - but Springsteen is the one who stands on the side of truth, decent ethics and moral, love and loyalty - stuff that keeps humans together and societies to become better. If you don't agree with Springsteen, you don't deserve to be part of a social community and even less to enjoy Springsteen's music.

  35. haigo

    haigoMaand geleden